Show Rundown: July 22, 2019

Howard runs into Benjy Bronk in Central Park

July 22, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard took a walk with his wife Beth over the weekend and was met by a surprising sight in Central Park — Benjy Bronk dressed in sunglasses and a big set of headphones.

“It was so boiling hot in Manhattan that I thought, like, maybe it was like the desert and it was a mirage,” Howard told Robin Monday morning with a laugh.

Benjy was on the phone but stopped to speak with his boss who chatted with him once again about his experience using Peloton bikes.

“I stopped and I talked to him for quite some time and I thought it was a rather good conversation,” Howard admitted.

Beth thought Benjy seemed a bit nervous throughout the exchange, but the Stern Show staffer disagreed. “I thought we both walked away saying, ‘God, that was our best interaction ever,'” he told Howard. “It was such a special moment for me.”