VIDEO: Sal Governale Opens Up About the Life-Changing ‘Urantia Book’ He’s Been Researching

“It’s an intricate book, and there’s a lot of big words, and it gets a little complicated,” the Stern Show staffer admits

August 6, 2019

Stern Show staffer Sal Governale chimed in during Monday’s discussion about author and spirituality-focused presidential candidate Marianne Williamson to reveal he’s been researching a mysterious philosophical tome called “The Urantia Book” which purports to explain the origins of life on Earth.

“Basically, there was a bunch of guys back in the day—spirits came down, aliens came down, and they explain how the Earth was created,” Sal told Howard.

Considering Sal once believed the Great Potato Famine occurred in the country of Idaho, everyone in the studio remained a bit skeptical of his newfound wisdom. “Let me ask you something, if you’re gonna read a book why would you read a bubbe meise book?” Howard asked, using the Yiddish term for old wives’ tales. “Why don’t you read a book on history or something that is based in science?”

“This is history. This is tied into science. This is no boobermeister stuff,” Sal responded.

While the staffer admitted he’s only skimmed portions of the 2,100 page book, he said the information he’s gleaned has already changed many of his views on everything from the cosmology of the universe to climate change. Sal even told Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate that it’s resulted in him sorting recyclables at home and picking up garbage off the streets of New York City.

Still, if the book was so important to Sal, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers wondered why he hadn’t yet read the entire thing. “I’ve browsed through and I’ve researched it,” Sal contended, adding, “It’s an intricate book, and there’s a lot of big words, and it gets a little complicated.”