Howard and Beth Adopt a Kitten Named Helen

Their new cat can be seen in a special calendar being released by Beth’s Furry Friends

September 18, 2019
Photo: Beth's Furry Friends

There’s a new feline family member in Howard’s house these days. He announced on Wednesday’s Stern Show how he and his wife Beth recently adopted a kitten named Helen.

“We have six now,” Howard said for how many cats they’re up to. “We never go personally over six – that’s our cutoff. We do so many animal rescues and there’s so many animals living in our house that we get attached to all of them. It’s very difficult to give them over to other people.”

There was immediately something special about Helen, whom Howard called “the cutest kitten in the world.” Posts of the kitten were racking up so many likes on Beth’s Instagram she thought it’d be a good idea to put out a calendar featuring photos of Helen, all captured by Howard’s camera, of course. Fans can preorder the calendar now on with 100 percent of the proceeds going to animal rescue.