High Pitch Erik Is Now an Officially Licensed Driver

Wack Packer passed his road test but supposedly got into two accidents on the same day

September 23, 2019

High Pitch Erik can now legally hit the open road after passing his road test and obtaining his driver’s license. The longtime Wack Packer called in during Monday’s show to tell Howard the good news.

“I passed,” Erik excitedly announced.

Co-host Robin Quivers’s initial disbelief soon turned to delight as she remembered the friendly wager she made. “Howard, you owe me a hundred bucks,” she stated, reminding Howard of the bet they made on the air over whether Erik would get his license on the first shot.

Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar was on hand to witness and show support for High Pitch while at the D.M.V. last week and actually drove to the exam with the Wack Packer.

“I can’t tell you how many times I almost put my foot through the floorboard, on the imaginary brake,” Shuli told Howard. “He sticks too close to people and he does drive a little bit fast.”

Those issues didn’t seem to get in the way when Erik got behind the wheel for his test, though he did lose five points due to some problems he encountered during the parking portion of his exam.

Despite his success, High Pitch was involved in two separate accidents on the very same day he got his license, one before his test and one after. A caller named Tommy said he was one of the firefighters who responded to Erik’s second crash and told Howard the damage to High Pitch’s car was pretty bad.

“Erik was very nice. We showed up and his car was a little banged up,” Tommy said over the phone. “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t drivable.”

Once Erik gets his car back from the shop, he promised he’d be more careful behind the wheel. He also gave Howard his word he wouldn’t use the police lights he purchased for his vehicle that he’d planned to use to get around traffic jams.