VIDEO: Brent and His Wife Select the People They Plan to Hook Up With While Apart

Howard thinks the Hatleys have progressed to just dating other people

September 25, 2019

Howard announced to the Stern Show audience on Tuesday that both Brent and his wife Katelyn had picked the people they intend to hook up with, without each other right there with them.

While Mrs. Hatley has a night of presumably sex and only sex all lined up, Mr. Hatley has a full-fledged date on the books for when he’s in L.A. next month, a fact that Howard seemed hung up on. “When they first got into swinging it was about going to these places and fucking,” Howard said. “Now he’s having a romantic date with someone.”

“I’m going to go out with her and have a good time and then hopefully we wind up having sex,” Brent confirmed.

When Howard began to question how Brent would feel if Katelyn’s paramour spent an entire weekend with her, Brent poked a hole in that logic. “She doesn’t sleep over with anyone,” he said.

“She’ll fuck you, she’ll go out on a date with you … as long as he doesn’t sleep over, everything is kosher,” Howard clarified.

Unable to let it go, Howard had a barrage of questions on the nitty gritty. “When he’s at your house can he eat your food?” he wondered. Can he drink your beer?”

“Sure, he can hang out,” the staffer answered.

With regards to Brent’s end of things, co-worker Shuli Egar is so committed to covering the story he will be sharing hotel room with him. “That’s right,” the staffer admitted proudly. “If it’s one bed I can always call down for a cot to be brought up.”

To ensure nothing gets through the cracks, Shuli has also enlisted the help of fellow staffer Chris Wilding. “We have shifts,” he explained. “This is like the moon landing.”