Howard Disapproves of Gary Dell’Abate’s Plan to Start Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Executive producer’s popcorn eating habit is also called into question

January 15, 2020

Gary Dell’Abate has a brand-new activity for he and his wife to do while they’re hanging around the house together: jigsaw puzzles.

“He says, ‘Boss, I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m watching too much TV so I bought a jigsaw puzzle’ … I’m going to do a jigsaw puzzle with Mary’,” Howard recalled his executive producer telling him on Wednesday morning.

“’Fuckin’ jigsaw puzzles are the stupidest fuckin’ things on the planet’,” Howard continued. “I said, ‘Think about it, you’re gonna take a beautiful picture … and someone’s gonna tear it up and you’re gonna put it back together again’.”

For Gary, he hopes this new hobby could also hold some added health benefits. “’Well, it prevents Alzheimer’s, boss’,” Howard remembered Gary explaining.

“I gave it to Mary as like a stocking stuffer,” Gary said once inside the Stern Show studio. “I went and found an art puzzle, I think the puzzle is like 10 great paintings … because my wife is into art.”

Howard, whose mother was also once into puzzles when he was younger, called into question the size of the project. “Imagine sitting with Gary and doing a thousand-piece puzzle,” Howard wondered. “I love Gary, but …”

Aside from his new interest in puzzles, Howard also brought up the puzzling way Gary was caught snacking on popcorn recently. “You were eating popcorn out of a tin, but you weren’t using your hands, you were eating it with a spoon,” Howard reported.

“I was at the bottom … I couldn’t grab the actual popcorn,” Gary explained.

“That’s a huge tub,” a baffled Howard replied.

“It was just crumbs,” Gary explained. “There were no big pieces left.”