Sal Governale Coughs Up Blood While Battling Pneumonia and the Flu

“I think I caught it from that crap on Gary’s desk that we discussed,” the Stern Show staffer says

January 15, 2020

Full-time limo driver and part-time wedding officiant Ronnie Mund isn’t the only person who missed some work over the past few weeks. On Tuesday, Howard revealed Stern Show staffer Sal Governale had recently called in sick.

“He was out four days because he has pneumonia and the flu,” Howard explained.

Sal, back at work on Tuesday, suspected he contracted the maladies in the office of executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, who was recently identified as one of the Stern Show’s germiest staffers. “I think I caught it from that crap on Gary’s desk that we discussed,” Sal said.

Gary disagreed. “You’re the only one who got sick,” he said.

Howard posited a different theory. “Sal’s never gotten a flu shot,” he said, explaining his staffer had skipped them in the past because he was afraid they’d make him sick.

“I never needed one,” Sal insisted.

Gary thought skipping the flu shot was a stupid thing to do, especially considering Sal was eligible for a free one at work. “You’re a moron,” he said. “You should go sit at my desk and wipe your face on it, idiot.”

However Sal contracted his afflictions, his symptoms were no laughing matter. He spent one night coughing up blood, something his doctor blamed on dried-up sinuses. “I really panicked because it looked like a murder scene on the nightstand, there was so much blood,” Sal said, adding, “In the morning I woke up and my nose was crusted from the blood, and I spit up and it was a big chunk of purplish, black blood.”

As far as respiratory illnesses are concerned, the staffer finally seems to be on the mend. “I feel fine now, Howard. I do. I feel okay,” Sal said.