VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Reveals a NASCAR ‘Incident’ Left Him With Limited Hearing

“I wanted to be a big shot; I didn’t wear the headphones,” Howard’s longtime limo driver explains

January 16, 2020

Frustrated with consistently needing to repeat himself during conversations with his limo driver, Howard got Ronnie Mund to reveal he suffers from hearing loss due to an incident at a NASCAR race. “Your hearing’s starting to go, did you know that?” Howard said to Ronnie Wednesday. “In the morning, I always say something to you and you always go, ‘What?’”

“That’s a habit,” Ronnie admitted, adding that his fiancée Stephanie yells at him about that, too.

After a back and forth, Ronnie revealed he does struggle with a hearing impairment. “I have damage in my right ear,” he said. “I had this incident, I went to a [NASCAR] race … and I was in the pits the whole time. I wanted to be a big shot; I didn’t wear the headphones … by the end of the race … I couldn’t hear.”

“Why didn’t you wear the headphones?” Howard asked. “You thought you looked cooler without the headphones?”

“They were annoying me and I didn’t want to be bothered,” Ronnie said.

When executive producer Gary Dell’Abate asked if Ronnie would be open to a hearing aid, the limo driver said he was open to the idea. “Yeah, they have the new ones you don’t even see them,” Ronnie responded. “They put them right in.”

Watch the full revelation in the video (above).