Show Rundown: May 4, 2020

Howard is impressed with Lars Ulrich’s sons' musical chops

May 4, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

It seems that Metallica has a backup rhythm section if they ever need one.

Howard on Monday played a clip of the sons of Metallica drummer and past Stern Show guest Lars Ulrich covering “Eleanor Rigby,” the Beatles classic off of their 1966 album “Revolver.”

“One plays the drums and one plays the bass guitar,” he explained. “They take ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and metal it up and boy what talented musicians.”

Taken from footage their father shot on his iPhone, Howard went on to praise the younger Ulrichs. “Holy shit, these boys, I mean they can really play. They’re professional musicians,” he continued. “It’s an interesting take – just a bass and a drum.”

Check out the standout performance in the clip (above).