Show Rundown: April 29, 2020

Howard discusses the things he misses from his SiriusXM studio

April 29, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

As he boiled water in his basement at the start of the show Wednesday morning, Howard began to ponder the things he’s longed for since quarantine began in March. “When we had our radio station in Manhattan there were people just assigned to bringing me hot water,” Howard recalled with a laugh to longtime co-host Robin Quivers. “Isolation and quarantine have made me do things for myself which is very, very disheartening. This isn’t my idea of fame.”

Howard listed some other perks he used to have back when the show was being broadcast at the SiriusXM studios including his “shusher” – a dedicated staff member to quiet the rest of the office down while Howard is meditating after the show.

“I was sitting there in Manhattan like some kind of fucking little king,” Howard joked. “I had people bringing me my Metamucil crackers with yogurt.”

In addition to Metamucil and hot water, Howard also had his lunches brought right to him. “I got so famous that, like, Ronnie has to run in with … a bag that keeps my lunch hot and he has to get it to me within 30 seconds,” he remembered. “I mean you’re talking fame man, I had it all.”