Show Rundown: May 19, 2020

Ham Hands Bill has a hacking issue?

May 19, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ham Hands Bill, who gained notoriety for his provocative Robin Quivers parody song in the 1990s, is concerned a hacker is out to ruin his reputation. “I received a crazy email saying that he has video of me masturbating, he has one or two days of my porn history,” he told Howard over the phone at the start of Tuesday’s Stern Show. “If I don’t pay $2,000 in Bitcoins he’s going to reveal that stuff.”

“I get the same hacker email I think at least once a month,” Howard said in an attempt to ease Ham Hand’s mind. “It’s a scam. Richard got the same email a few years ago. It’s always, ‘Hey, we saw that you were masturbating.'”

While the scam artist did put a scare into Bill, there was at least one detail in the threat that raised his eyebrows. “He says that he recorded … me masturbating,” he recalled. “I have not masturbated this whole year.”

Taking in the information, Howard had simple advice Ham Hands. “Listen to me,” he asserted. “Change all your passwords and move on with your life.”