VIDEO: King of All Blacks Is Convinced Rahsaan Rogers Is Not a Real Black Person

“Do you have a pair of canvas Converse in your closet?” the frequent caller asks the Stern Show staffer

May 20, 2020

The feud continues!

Longtime caller King of All Blacks reignited his assault on Stern Show staffer and Wrap Up Show co-host Rahsaan Rogers Tuesday, once again calling into question his racial identity. “I can tell a real black person … Rahsaan is not a real black person,” King asserted. “That’s the type of black people that wear backpacks and shave off their mustache and all of that stuff.”

“I don’t carry a backpack, no,” a fully mustached Rahsaan responded coolly. “I think his idea of a real black man is the stereotype and I don’t think I fit that.”

King of All Blacks fired off a series of questions for the staffer and did in fact correctly guess that he lives near a juice bar, has used a BabyBjörn, and even that he wears canvas Converse sneakers. “Everybody wears Chucks, come on stop it,” Rahsaan reasoned.

Despite King’s attacks on Rahsaan’s authenticity, Wrap Up Show partner and Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate jumped to his defense. “Rahsaan is a very real person, he never tries to act like anybody he isn’t,” he explained, before transitioning to the caller. “King lives in fear everyday … he has to see what everybody’s doing so he can act like what he thinks people want him to be. He’s not real.”

Watch the debate and judge for yourself in the full video (above).