AUDIO: Rocky Pendergast Boasts of Unsocially Distancing on Brand New ‘Live! With Cathi’ Phony Phone Call

“Everybody join hands, let’s conga,” socialite declares to show host

June 1, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock

Not even a global pandemic can stop the Stern Show’s most popular socialite Rocky Pendergast from enjoying a good party in his latest phony phone call to internet radio show “Live! With Cathi,” which debuted on Monday.

“I’m here at Largo where we’re having the world’s most unsocially distanced of get-togethers,” Rocky said of the gathering, which featured a wide array of living legends including Larry King and Betty White. “It’ll take more than an itty, bitty, hardly witty little virus to stop us, darling.”

“Well me too because I do love parties,” host Cathi said in agreement with her frequent caller.

Before long, it was clear Rocky wasn’t listening to recommendations for combatting COVID-19 and was very much marching to his own glamorous beat. “Everybody join hands – let’s conga,” he said excitedly before experiencing possible symptoms. “Did someone turn off the air? I’m suddenly quite hot in here.”

After Rocky ended the call abruptly in a coughing fit, Cathi expressed both concern and confusion. “Oh my, I hope he’s okay,” she said. “All of you listeners, please excuse that disturbance.”

Listen to more of Rocky’s star-studded call (below).