VIDEO: Ronnie the Limo Driver Boasts About His ‘Elephant Head’ While Once Again Fighting Mike Fox

Stern Show staffers continue their feud after both attend the weekly virtual happy hour

June 4, 2020

The Stern Show staff virtual happy hour continues to be a point of contention but unlike last time’s multi-attendee brawl, it was only Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund and Mike Fox who were still at odds with each other on Monday morning.

“I was wearing this shirt and it’s a bike and for the wheels it has lemons on it,” Mike told Howard of the last staff gathering. According to Mike, Ronnie started making jokes about his shirt. “An unevolved person might say, ‘Hey, that looks like tits’ or whatever … he just starts on there” Mike continued.

“When I got on happy hour, everyone was making fun of the shirt already,” Ronnie responded before furiously accusing Mike of lying. “Now you know why I think you’re bullshit. You’re total fucking bullshit, kid.”

Before long, fellow staffer Jonathan Blitt piled on. “Mike is just a big baby who needs to be liked by everyone,” he explained. “Ronnie just does not like him and Mike can’t deal with that. Mike is the instigator, he’s a baby, he complains about people bullying him.”

As the argument remained heated and Mike accused Howard’s head of security of changing history at least partially due to failed memory, Ronnie immediately shot the accusation down. “I remember everything, I’ve got an elephant head,” he fired back. “I remember everything, especially when it comes to this dick.”

While there was no sign of peace between the two happy hour goers, Ronnie offered perhaps a small glimmer of hope for reconciliation with his colleague. “If I was done with you why would I make fun of your stupid fucking shirt?” he reasoned.

Watch the latest in the continuing Stern Show happy hour drama (above).