VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Gives Howard and Stern Show Staffers the Run Around on His Age … Again

“I’ve always been 48, I’ve never changed that,” he tells Howard

June 9, 2020

When Beny Bronk was noticeably absent from the impromptu Stern Show staff age guessing Monday, Howard had a very specific explanation for the omission. “He’s so obnoxious about his age,” he said point blank Tuesday morning. “Like, you can’t ask the guy a straight question.”

“He came to us as an intern, but he wasn’t intern age,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate remembered of Benjy, who has been with the show more than 20 years. “He won’t admit that he’s 50, and I think he was 50 four years ago.”

After Gary went on to accuse the staffer of going as far as booking his own flight to L.A. to protect his actual age from getting out, Benjy vehemently denied it. “I booked my own flight because … if I change anything I didn’t want to have to go through another person,” he defended.

Co-worker Jason Kaplan was quick to challenge Benjy’s claim, remembering an issue he had back when he was an intern. “One of my first tasks was to get you to fill out a form for our office manager that needed your birthdate on it and you wouldn’t do it,” Jason recalled. “You made it impossible, I had to chase you around for three weeks … this is an ongoing thing for years, this isn’t new.”

Asked again, Benjy did offer up what he insists is his true age. “I’ve always been 48, I’ve never changed that,” he told Howard with a straight face.

Robin Quivers had a theory for the staffer’s reluctance to give a straight answer. “Maybe he is somebody like the F.B.I. is looking for,” Howard’s co-host teased. “Maybe he abandoned a family or something.”