AUDIO: ‘Alex Jones’ Checks in With New Products and a Phony Phone Call

“You know your buddy George Soros? … We had him call a pizzeria,” the Info Wars host reveals

July 13, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock

Info Wars host and Hollyweird Squares participant “Alex Jones” checked back in with the Stern Show on Monday. In addition to offering up his thoughts on recently arrested socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, he introduced listeners to a new line of products and fired up a fresh phony phone call.

“You know your buddy George Soros, the sub-humanoid reptilian leader? You know him, right?” “Jones” asked Howard. “We had him call a pizzeria.”

The call featured Soros asking the pizza guy for a large pie topped with babies. After hearing it, the show’s resident prankster Richard Christy worried about his own job security. “Soros is going to put me and Sal [Governale] out of a job,” he laughed.

Next, “Jones” pitched Howard on his latest line of products, including powdered ham and asbestos-based wellness supplements. Listen to the clip (below).