Robin Quivers Takes Part in a Virtual Wine Tasting and Reveals She Once Asked Out a Beatle During His Stern Show Visit

“I said, ‘Paul, I’m a vegan, you’re a vegan,’” Howard’s co-host recalls

July 13, 2020

Robin Quivers found several ways to keep busy during the recent break, from tweeting about the issues of the day to paddle boarding while maintaining social distancing. The Stern Show’s co-host also participated in a virtual wine tasting event which Howard tuned in for and had several questions about on Monday.

“I love wines, I love my friends—what’s the problem?” Robin said with a laugh.

As Howard explained it, one of Robin’s good friends is a wine connoisseur who invited Ms. Quivers to be a featured guest on his Facebook show about wine. “I think there were seven viewers and I was three of them,” he joked, adding, “It was basically a Zoom call between Robin, this guy Eric, the owner of Booker Wines, and Scott Lewis, the manager of the V Wine Cellar in California.”

“From what I gathered during this wine session, Scott is also Robin’s personal sommelier,” Howard added.

“He’s an aficionado,” she clarified. “He was a chef. He has a great palate. So, yeah, he tells me where to go to see great wineries and drink great wine.”

While Robin’s virtual wine tasting didn’t have millions of views, the event did lead to several memorable moments. At one point, she retold the infamous story of how Howard once inadvertently purchased three $800 bottles of wine that she’d picked out at a fancy restaurant.

“I’m leafing through the book, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and all of a sudden I find Burgundy,” Robin recalled in a clip played on Monday. “I say, ‘Howard, do you want to have a wine from a French winery that I’ve been to?’ And he says ‘yes,’ so I ordered one bottle of wine.”

“There were six people at the table, so one bottle just went just like that,” she continued, explaining their party ultimately consumed two more at Howard’s behest.

In another clip, Robin revealed attending wine-fueled getaways had sometimes given her voice issues on the Stern Show. “I work with this voice; this voice is very important to me,” she said, putting the blame on a friend who encouraged her to drink heavily on their trips to wine country.

“I was sitting there drinking with him and somehow my glass keeps getting refilled,” she continued. “You’d start in the morning … then you’d go off wine tasting, and then you had a wine tasting lunch, and then you go out to dinner with him and you’re drinking and drinking and drinking.”

“There’d been a few weekends where I woke up on Sunday morning without a voice, and I’d go home that way, and on Monday morning I’d get on the air squeaking,” Robin said.

“Things seem to happen to you that aren’t your fault and you don’t know how they happened,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate remarked at one point during the conversation.

Howard, for his part, wondered why Robin didn’t just make better use of the spit bucket while visiting wineries.

“I do spit a lot of wine,” she insisted.

Not all of Robin’s stories were wine related. She also copped to asking out Sir Paul McCartney years ago, during one of his earlier visits to the Stern Show. “I remember once Paul McCartney came in, and it was between marriages, and I actually took my shot,” she said. “I said, ‘Paul, I’m a vegan, you’re a vegan’ … and he’s like, ‘I never expected this today.’”

Howard was amazed his co-host had the courage to ask out a Beatle. “I asked Paul for an autograph and I was embarrassed,” he said.