Gary Dell’Abate Talks His Upcoming Knee Replacement Surgery

He along with staffers Richard Christy and Will Murray update Howard on their vacations

July 13, 2020

Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate spent his Fourth of July break dealing with a fractured knee that is so severe, he has to get it replaced. “I didn’t go to the doctor because of fuckin’ COVID, so I’m like a good six weeks behind what I should be doing,” he told Howard Monday morning. “The short version is that I’m having a knee replacement in early August … I literally have no cartilage left in either knee.”

Gary went on to say that he’s been in such agony, he can’t do much of anything until the operation. “All I did all vacation was lay on the couch and sleep,” he explained. “If you saw me going up and down the stairs you would fucking laugh. It takes me about a minute to get up and down a flight of stairs.”

One positive to come out of the ordeal is a certain side effect of the anti-depressant Gary was temporarily prescribed for the pain. “The orgasms are insane, they’re so much better,” he admitted. “They’re like crazy explosions.”

“Maybe you ought to keep on that medication,” co-host Robin Quivers said with a laugh.

While Gary was laid up at home over the break, his co-worker Will Murray was brave enough to hit the beach with his family. Will, who already contracted COVID-19 once this year, told Howard the large crowds along the shore left him concerned. “We’re all doomed, you should see that beach,” he said, admitting he regrets going.

And while Richard Christy couldn’t make it down to Coney Island for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest like he normally would on Independence Day, he decided to participate from home. “This time I just ordered a bunch of Nathan’s hot dogs through the mail,” he revealed before explaining he stockpiled and ate around 25 over the long holiday weekend.

According to colleague Jason Kaplan, these were no ordinary weiners. “Richard doesn’t just eat hot dogs, his hot dogs come with cheese, mustard, bacon, and sauerkraut,” he detailed to Howard.

Hot dogs weren’t the only thing Richard was eating over the break, however. The staffer also admitted to picking through his own trash to find a sandwich that he’d accidentally thrown away.

“It was wrapped but the wrap was kind of open,” Richard said on the air. “There was no diaper on top of it or anything so it was fine.”