VIDEO: Beth Stern Breaks in Her New Microphone in Howard’s Home Studio

Howard and his wife also fill listeners in on which of them Roombas the bathroom

July 13, 2020

Howard’s wife Beth Stern paid him a visit on the air Monday while he was showing off his new basement studio to co-host Robin Quivers. As it turned out, the new set-up allowed for Beth to more easily join in on the broadcast, too.

“Look at this, I got a mic for Beth,” Howard said, encouraging his wife to put on her headphones and give the new microphone a shot.

The equipment was tested beforehand which apparently afforded Howard a unique opportunity to do an impression of his wife. “The guy said to me, ‘Can you test out Beth’s mic?’ And she wasn’t here. She was fixing the air conditioning,” he said. “I go, ‘All right, I’ll test Beth’s mic.’ I go, ‘Hi, I’m Beth. I don’t like to be on the air.’”

With her new microphone in place, Howard and Beth enjoyed a discussion about everything from their latest workouts to which of them is responsible for setting their Roomba loose on the bathroom.

“I think you like your new microphone,” Howard concluded. “I mean, look at this set up.”

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” she agreed.