VIDEO: Michael Rapaport and Mariann From Brooklyn’s Feud Reaches New Heights on the Wrap Up Show

“You gotta duct tape that squeaky beak and you’re gonna listen,” the actor yells during a Wrap Up Show appearance

July 17, 2020

Celebrity superfan Michael Rapaport and longtime caller Mariann from Brooklyn have never been the best of friends and just last month she put an ancient Italian curse on the actor, but on Monday Howard revealed their tensions had reached an all-time high. Their latest skirmish began after Rapaport joined the Wrap Up Show and fielded a call from Mariann, who immediately chided him for making fun of executive producer Gary Dell’Abate instead of discussing the Stern Show.

“All you do is spew about Gary,” she screamed. “Why don’t you come prepared like Danny Cevallos or Laura Lippman? You’re talking about Gary!”

But Rapaport wasn’t having it. “Hang up on her. Hang up on this animal,” he instructed Wrap Up Show host Jon Hein.

“Mariann, now you gotta shut that beak. You gotta duct tape that squeaky beak and you’re gonna listen,” he continued, shortly before suggesting the internet take a cue from the anti-Bobo movement and begin unfollowing Mariann. “You bullied Bobo and now you’re being bullied by me.”

“I wanna know how you live at that level of bullying people,” she responded.

Co-host Robin Quivers sided with Mariann. “I think it’s ridiculous that he’s arguing with you,” she said on Monday. “Why is he bothering with you?”

Howard, meanwhile, just wanted to know if the two Stern Show mainstays might ever reach a ceasefire.

“It never gonna resolve Howard … It’s never going to end. I’m going to bury that —,” Mariann responded before sound effects extraordinaire Fred Norris cut her off with a chorus of crows.