VIDEO: Katy Perry Flashback to Her 2008 Stern Show Debut

Howard and Robin prepare for the pop star’s first appearance in 12 years

July 21, 2020
Katy Perry performing “I Kissed a Girl” during her 2008 Stern Show debut

Just minutes into Tuesday’s show, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were clearly excited for singer and “American Idol” star Katy Perry’s upcoming appearance – her first since making her Stern Show debut in 2008.

“I can’t believe she’s been a star that long,” Robin marveled after learning it had been twelve years since her one and only visit.

“She was a kid and she had her first big … hit song,” Howard remembered of “I Kissed A Girl” before admitting she is the main reason he watches “American Idol.” “I can’t take my eyes off her.”

Watch the song and performance that started it all (above).