Howard, Robin Quivers, and Stern Show Staffers Debate If JD Harmeyer Is Arrogant

“I think he has anxiety that he uses to be a d-ck,” co-worker Jason Kaplan tells Howard

July 28, 2020

Is JD Harmeyer arrogant?

That was the question of the day on Tuesday after Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding accused his co-worker of being rude toward colleagues off the air.

“When I say hello to JD in the morning back when we’re at the office, I’d go, ‘Hey JD, how’s it going?’” Chris recalled to Howard before describing the grunting response he’d often receive.

“I get that too, though,” Howard agreed, breaking into his own interpretation of the exchange. “I’m the boss and he’s grunting at me … what did I hire Frankenstein’s monster?”

For JD, the issue comes down to nerves. “I have trouble like saying good morning,” he admitted. “My brain … goes into a car accident … I just overthink things and it just ends up not coming out right.”

While Howard ultimately did not think JD was arrogant, longtime co-host Robin Quivers countered when she revealed he sometimes rolls his eyes at her. “I think it’s arrogance,” she argued. “Like, ‘Oh here she comes again.’”

Co-worker Jason Kaplan piled on from there. “I think he has anxiety that he uses to be a dick,” he theorized. “JD doesn’t like to be bothered … some of that is because he has anxiety and some of that is because he’s kind of dickish about it, which is fine.”

One person JD has no problem communicating with is Jon Hein, who used to talk to the staffer when he commuted into New York City from Long Island. “On his mornings driving in, JD from his office would call Jon in the car and talk the entire time,” Jason reported. “I don’t talk to my family as much as JD talks to Jon.”

 “I would hear Jon argue with the people in traffic, honking his horn,” JD said after clarifying it was Jon who would call him.

“We both entertain each other when we talk to one another,” Jon said of their relationship. “We’re always laughing at one another and we know what gets each other riled up and what makes each other laugh.”