AUDIO: Parents Need Help With Son’s Semen Addiction in New Phony Phone Call

“As poor as we were, never did we eat c-m,” father complains on religious radio show

September 14, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock / radioshoot

Howard on Monday morning played a brand-new phony phone call featuring a semen-addicted man who fooled around with his cousin’s husband seeking advice from a religious radio show. On the line with him were his concerned mother and father, both parts played by Howard using his impressions of his own parents, Ben and Ray Stern.

“He was … with the cousin’s husband and tried to blow him,” Howard as his dad Ben announced. “You can’t blow the husband.”

“It’s a family member and you’re trying to blow the husband?” he questioned as mom Ray.

“That’s not normal,” the female host determined.

When the son said it was semen he was specifically addicted to, everyone exploded with reactions.

“And now I have to call our cousin and explain that you have an addiction to cum?” his mother complained.

Hear the full phony phone call in the audio (below).