VIDEO: King of All Blacks Manages to Offend Everyone During Wack Pack Happy Hour

“I’m insulted even being on here with these mother-ckers,” King claims over Zoom

September 15, 2020

Since virtual happy hours have caught on with the Stern Show staff during much of 2020, staffer Shuli Egar recently hosted one on Zoom for members of the Wack Pack and the results were as chaotic as might be predicted. “It’s literally three minutes in and nobody can hear me, I can’t get anyone’s attention, the wheels have fallen off,” he told Howard Monday morning after hearing a clip featuring Mariann From Brooklyn, Sour Shoes, and High Pitch Erik.

Flashing a $15,00 watch and coming off a recent feud with Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund, frequent caller King of All Blacks managed to offend almost everyone in attendance. “He looks like one of them fun[house] mirrors … he looks like a mushroom,” he said of former intern Medicated Pete before attacking the rest of the room. “I’m insulted even being on here with these motherfuckers.”

“You’re an asshole,” a fed up Mariann shot back. “You are such an elitist pig. You’re insulted? Then we’ll get somebody else.”

As Wack Packers dwindled away from the call to get on with their night, Sour and Pete wrapped things up with a duet of the Styx ballad “Come Sail Away.”

“I think this is what broke the camel’s back and Shuli moved to Alabama,” Howard teased his longtime staffer on his recent relocation down south.

Watch the full video (above).