VIDEO: Howard Reveals the Top Three Greatest Bands of All Time

“It’s always the Beatles in any discussion,” he says of the Fab Four, who are No. 1 with a bullet

September 24, 2020

Fresh off his determination that John “Bonzo” Bonham is the greatest drummer of all time, Howard was asked Tuesday by a Stern Show caller named Kyle who he considers to be the top three greatest rock bands in history.

“None of it mattered until the Beatles,” Howard said of his top choice. “If they had only put out ‘Rubber Soul,’ if they had only put out ‘Help!’ you would have said, ‘Oh my God, that was the greatest band ever.’ It’s always the Beatles in any discussion.”

Surprisingly, Kyle – a 26-year-old music teacher – didn’t quite agree. “Musically, I think that there are better bands,” he argued before throwing out some of his preferred choices. “I would say Led Zed Zeppelin, Queen, and I would say Rush.”

“These kids, they’re being steered the wrong way,” Howard teased. “Their music teacher thinks Rush is the greatest band of all time.”

With co-host Robin Quivers playing a mean set of air drums in the background, Howard sampled songs from the band he considers to be in the second slot – the Rolling Stones.

“The Rolling Stones did something so unique, they built off of a blues foundation and they created masterpieces,” he explained. “Listen and learn.”

For the third and final spot, Howard went with Bonzo’s band, Led Zeppelin. “Again, because of when they came about, the body of music, these riffs that Jimmy Page came up with, John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham on drums, and Robert Plant’s vocals were insane,” he reasoned.

“And you have to think about what happened to music after this,” co-host Robin Quivers added. “Music changed.”

“I will use your wisdom,” Kyle agreed before hanging up to teach a class.

While Stern Show staffer Jon Hein agreed with Howard’s list, he was quick to defend his own favorite group. “I am highly offended by you and Robin constantly trashing Rush, making them the punchline of all the jokes,” he complained to Howard. “This gentleman calling in is a music teacher so clearly he has some type of expertise.”

“You like hamburgers with no toppings, no condiments, and that my friend is the equivalent of Rush,” Howard kidded his staffer in response.