VIDEO: Sal Governale Reveals Gary Dell’Abate’s Deceased Brother Visited Him in a Dream

“You need to let him know that I’m still alive and I’m still looking over him,” the staffer recalls Gary’s brother saying

September 24, 2020

Sal Governale has shared several bizarre stories over the years, from encountering Buddha during an out-of-body experience to getting licked by his dead dog Cinnamon, but on Tuesday he made one of his most startling admissions yet. The staffer said Gary Dell’Abate’s deceased brother came to him in a sex, tuxedo, and glass elevator-filled dream just so he could pass along a message to Gary.

Howard was shocked by Sal’s allegation considering the staffer didn’t even meet Gary’s brother before he died in 1991. “Imagine your bother is in heaven and he’s got to get in touch with you. Who does he choose?” Howard asked Gary. “Your brother couldn’t go to you, he couldn’t go to Robin, he couldn’t go to me … No, he went to Sal. To Sal! To a guy who can’t say ‘prevalent.’”

Sal insisted the dream was real, however. “Gary and I, we were at a cocktail party in a mansion,” he said, explaining they wore tuxedos and sipped champagne. “I said, ‘Gary your brother is here,’ and Gary said, ‘No he’s not, my brother’s dead.’”

Next, Sal remembered standing on a balcony with Gary’s brother who wore a black cape, “Rick Moranis-style glasses,” and a “bushy Tom Selleck-style mustache.” “He said, ‘Sal, I’m here to let you know that my brother does great things for me and I appreciate it, but he doesn’t believe that I still exist. You need to let him know that I’m still alive and I’m still looking over him,’” Sal recalled.

After that he rode in a glass elevator with Gary, who had a message of his own. “Gary looked at me and said … ‘I believe you, Sal, and I know you’re a good guy,’” Sal said, explaining the dream version of Gary also forgave Sal for mocking his brother’s sexuality some years back during a roast.

“I’ve had enough,” Howard told Sal. “I have to stop you because I have to tell you, you’re out of your fucking mind.”

Sal begged to differ. “He came to me because he knows I would give Gary the message,” he said.

“You create your dreams. You understand that, right? You didn’t meet him,” Howard said before asking Gary if Sal’s dream upset him.

“It weirded me out. I’m going to be very honest,” Gary replied. “It seemed like Sal’s intentions were good, but I don’t fully understand it.”

“Sal wants to be special in the worst way. He wants some sort of connection with people that he can’t get,” Howard theorized.

“Well, he has no connections here on earth,” co-host Robin Quivers said with a laugh.

“Nobody’s coming for you in my dreams, Robin—that’s for sure,” Sal responded before continuing on describing his supposed visitation. After the party and glass elevator ride, Sal recalled attending an orgy in a garage where he watched some water sports. “My jaw dropped and I was like holy shit this is amazing,” he said.

Garage orgies aside, Gary figured Sal’s guilt over his homophobic jokes had finally caught up with him and the dream was simply his way of forgiving himself.

“I think it’s a way of just being a better person,” Sal said. “Forgiving yourself is one thing, but taking action and actually thinking about how you’re going to impact somebody is probably more important.”

Robin suggested Sal might be pulling a Kanye West and turning over a new leaf, but Howard wasn’t convinced.

“I want to assure my audience that Sal has many disgusting layers to his personality and we’ll be off the air long before he cures himself, so don’t worry about that,” he concluded.