Sal Governale Opens Up About Wanting to Be a Dog and Talking to the Dead Through Dimes

“They’re so loving, they’re nonjudgmental,” Stern Show staffer explains to Howard of his canine aspirations

October 19, 2020

First he was a turtle, now Sal Governale says he wants to be a dog. Or at least like a dog. The Stern Show staffer told Howard on Monday that’s why he doesn’t plan to vote in this year’s presidential election.

“You know how everyone loves dogs? You would never blame a dog for his actions, like a dog can’t vote. I want to be a dog,” he explained.

“That’s the worst logic I have ever heard,” co-host Robin Quivers argued.

The staffer went on to argue his case for a canine-like existence “I think the whole world should be like dogs. They’re so loving, they’re nonjudgmental,” Sal detailed. “I want to have the compassion and loyalty of a dog.”

“Dogs can lick their own asshole, do you want to do that?” Howard joked.

Known for his otherworldly experiences such as astral projection and being contacted in a dream by executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s deceased brother, Sal also told Howard and Robin about the phenomenon of the dead contacting loved ones through dimes.  “If you believe in the afterlife, dimes can be a sign from people who have passed on as a sign that they’re with you,” he revealed. “If you’re thinking of a loved one who passed away, and you’re talking to them and you want to communicate with them and you happen to see a dime, that dime could be a sign from that loved one saying that they hear.”

Despite Robin’s skepticism and counterargument that maybe a dime is just a dime, the staffer opened up about the time a loved one contacted him through spiritual currency at a party. “When I parked my car, her brother-in-law approached me. I opened the trunk of my car and we both stopped at a dime between our feet,” Sal remembered. “It was a celebration for her family and friends and it was her way of saying, ‘Hey, I’m here at this birthday party with you’ … the synchronicity of that, it was amazing.”

When pressed, Sal explained how such communication is possible. “There’s no time and space in the afterlife, and they have the ability to go back into time and place things in certain areas for you because they know you’re going to reach out to them,” he argued. “It’s New Age religion, that’s all this is … this is nothing new. People believe in the afterlife, people believe in God, or they don’t.”