VIDEO: Jason Kaplan’s Doctor Gives Him a Clean Bill of Health Despite His 4,800-Calorie Trip to ‘Pig Island’

“To be fair, even I don’t trust my doctor,” the staffer says

November 6, 2020

Jason Kaplan’s weight and fondness for unhealthy foods is a frequent topic of conversation on the Stern Show, which explains why his colleagues were shocked to learn the staffer’s doctor recently gave him a clean bill of health.

“Jason Kaplan, who’s like obese, his doctor said he’s in perfect health,” Howard told listeners on Wednesday.

Co-host Robin Quivers, who herself has experience as a nurse, was shocked. “What is this doctor taking into consideration?” she asked.

Jason didn’t know. “To be fair, even I don’t trust my doctor. I’m like, ‘Really?’” he said.

As fans may recall, the staffer last year gained five pounds in one day while feasting to his heart’s content at a BBQ festival called Pig Island. “He had 4,842 calories in four hours. We clocked it,” Howard reminded listeners.

“It’s not just the pork, half of it is in some sort of sweet sauce. It’s covered in butter … Everyone has a different horrible, unhealthy way to present it to you,” Jason recalled.

Howard then played clips of the staffer’s Pig Island excursion which largely centered around Jason moaning with pleasure while ingesting every pork product within arms’ reach.