VIDEO: High Pitch Erik & Jeff the Drunk Puppets Clash On Air

“I could watch this all day. I feel like I’m on ‘The Muppets,’” Howard says while watching Shuli Egar's puppet reenactment

December 8, 2020

The real-life rivalry between Wack Packers High Pitch Erik and Jeff the Drunk reached new heights Tuesday when Shuli Egar re-enacted their longstanding beef through puppets. “Can you not take calls from Jeff the Drunk anymore because he’s fuckin’ annoying,” the Stern Show staffer suggested in his falsetto High Pitch impression.

“You shut the fuck up, you fat piece of shit,” the newly constructed Jeff puppet countered before its accessories started falling off. “What happened to my hat? My hat fell off my head.”

“Shuli, you built such a shitty puppet that the Jeff the Drunk puppet just almost completely fell apart,” Howard responded as co-host Robin exploded with laughter in the background. “I could watch this all day. I feel like I’m on ‘The Muppets.’”

Watch the back and forth between the two puppets in the clip (above).