VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Gets Scrutinized for Peloton Class Antics

“Benjy doesn’t listen to a goddamn thing you f-cking say,” instructor Jenn Sherman told the Wrap Up Show

December 9, 2020

Benjy Bronk’s behavior at live Peloton classes has been called into question in the past but on Wednesday, more of his pedaling antics came under fire starting with his interactions with some of the instructors. “They would have bodyguards come up and they would say, ‘Do not touch the instructors, do not touch the instructors,’” the Stern Show staffer recalled of a class with Hannah Corbin, whom he admitted to being quite taken with.

“Was it an announcement or was it a voice in your head?” Howard teased before giving Benjy a reality check. “She’s not going out with you.”

The staffer appeared confident in his ability to attract women, albeit with some caveats. “I think if I really put my mind to it I could get anyone,” Benjy insisted. “If I got in super shape, if I … really got my life together, my career together, and I was doing fucking awesome, I got a hair transplant, I could get a lot of woman.”

Peloton instructor Jenn Sherman was recently on the Wrap Up Show and she shared her personal experiences with Benjy in class. “It’s interesting to ride with Benjy because Benjy doesn’t listen to a goddamn thing you fucking say,” she pointed out with some frustration. “Benjy is riding his own ride … I’m doing fast legs and he’s climbing. Or I’m climbing and he’s doing fast legs. Or we’re out of the saddle, he’s in the saddle, I’m in the saddle he’s out of the fucking saddle – that is the Benjy Bronk way.”

“Benjy, she is so right. That is so my experience with you,” Howard responded after hearing the audio. “Like whatever we’re doing, you’re doing the opposite.”

Watch more on Benjy’s Peloton antics in the video (above).