VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate & Sal Governale Revisit Their Greatest Blunders

Stern Show staffers trade barbs on each other’s past mistakes with help from actor Michael Rapaport

December 9, 2020

Actor Michael Rapaport called in on Wednesday morning to not only congratulate Howard for his contract renewal with SiriusXM but to also focus on executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s misguided decision to bring up some negative reactions to the news on Facebook. “Do you think that was his biggest fuck-up in a life and a career of fucking up?” the “Atypical” star wondered. “Like, where would you put that in the top five, top ten fuck-ups of gorilla tooth Gary?”

To help with the question, Stern Show staffer and longtime Gary critic Sal Governale came into the conversation with a list of the executive producer’s blunders. “He’s a radio producer yet he eats like a pig on the microphone,” he noted along with several other mistakes. “After Howard upgraded his seat for first class, Gary had the audacity to fall asleep on him.”

“That could have been Gary’s worst fuck up,” Howard said of the time he was looking for his longtime producer’s company after a rough television appearance.

Not willing to take the heat without a fight, Gary was quick to hit back with some of Sal’s own gaffes. “What about when Gary’s wife walked in and caught him with a wig on trying to jerk off to a lesbian – oh wait a minute, that’s your wife,” he told his colleague. “Remember the time I said that it would be a really good idea if I came to your house and we ate hamburgers and watched ‘Survivor’ together? Oh, that was Sal.”

Gary went on to point out he didn’t even need a pen and paper to come up with Sal’s errors. “The best part is Sal has a list, my list is in my head for him,” he said before ending with a proper send-off. “Howard, I love you. Sal, I like you. Rapapaort, go fuck yourself.”