VIDEO: Stern Show Staff Brawls Over What Happened at the Virtual Happy Hour

“Why should I let one assh-le keep me away from hanging out?’” Ronnie "the Limo Driver" Mund says of his decision to keep attending the weekly event

May 22, 2020

Party on?

When Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s antics at a recent virtual happy hour were called into question everyone else on staff wondered if he would ever return to the weekly event. He did indeed show his face again but it wasn’t without incident.

“Why should I let one asshole keep me away from hanging out?” Ronnie said Wednesday of his choice to continue making appearances.

It was a decision that sent waves of tension through the Stern Show staff and the nastiness spilled out live on the air. “It’s a happy hour, it’s supposed to be fun,” staffer Mike Fox, the primary target of Ronnie’s anger, noted. “It’s not supposed to be this.”

After Chris Wilding jumped in to defend Ronnie despite having recorded his behavior in the first place, co-worker Derek Jones had thoughts of his own. “I am the person who started Zoom happy hour for the staff,” the staffer explained. “All three of you fuckin’ stooges are ruining it.”

As the drama heightened, Howard and his longtime co-host Robin Quivers did their best to defuse the situation. “I think Derek, Chris, Mike Fox, and Ronnie should be the only ones at the happy hour this Friday and it should be recorded,” Howard jokingly recommended. “Each one of you I value.”

“While you might not like each other, we love you all,” Robin added with a hearty laugh.

Watch the full brawl in the video (above).