Howard and Robin Can’t Believe What JD and Jon Hein Said Their Most Prized Possessions Are

Both Stern Show staffers have held onto items they earned when they were in the sixth grade

January 27, 2021

If their house was on fire and they could only grab one thing, what are JD Harmeyer and Jon Hein reaching for before running outside? Their answers left Howard and Robin baffled on Wednesday’s Stern Show.

For JD, he couldn’t bear to part with the trophy he won as the champion of his sixth-grade spelling bee. “It’s something that brings me joy to see,” he told Howard. “Through the years I took pride in my spelling abilities.”

“Hey JD, how do you spell ‘pathetic’?” Howard joked.

How much does JD love his elementary school memento? Apparently $100,000 worth. That’s the price he told Stern Show correspondent Wolfie he’d be willing to sell his trophy for and not a penny less.

“It was one trophy that I earned. It wasn’t like a Little League trophy where everyone sort of got a trophy,” JD continued. “I sucked at Little League. I wasn’t any good. We didn’t win any championships.”

Someone who did not suck at Little League when they were younger was Jon Hein. And he still possesses something very special to him to prove it.  

“It’s the baseball from when I won the M.V.P. in Little League in sixth grade … it was my high-point of athletics and I thought I was going to be a major league ballplayer after that,” Jon admitted.

Unlike JD, there’s no amount of money that could make Jon give up his baseball, and for good reason. “When I hit that homer, it’s the happiest I ever saw my father in his entire life. It meant everything to me,” he explained.

Though Howard couldn’t comprehend why his two staffers would want to keep those items, he was able to come up with something he’d never want to lose.

“Robin bought me a fountain pen,” Howard said. “Like, I love that. That’s one of my favorite things.”