Gary Dell’Abate and Ronnie Mund Recount Vastly Different Valentine’s Day Weekends

One staffer recollects giving his loved one a sensual massage while the other admits he struggled to get a kiss

February 15, 2021

Love was in the air, on a bridge, and in Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s bedroom over the weekend. On Monday, he and his colleague, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, recounted for Howard two vastly different Valentine’s Day experiences. While Ronnie and his fiancée Stephanie’s weekend was as action-packed as a summer blockbuster, Gary and his wife Mary spent Friday night staring at a bridge.

“We went to Tarrytown. There’s a big parking lot where you get a big view of the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the water, and a sunset,” Gary said, explaining he and his wife also ate burgers in the car. “There wasn’t even a sunset that night. We just watched it get dark and the bridge light up … and then we drove home.”

“Uh, was there anybody else there?” co-host Robin Quivers wondered.

“Shockingly, Robin, there were. There were at least 15 other cars there,” he said.

Gary said he and his better half were happy to just be out of the house for the evening, but Howard struggled to see the appeal. “I love [you] to death, but I just don’t get it,” Howard said, later asking, “Did you guys at least make out or anything?”

“No, no,” Gary lamented. “We’re sitting in the care for a while, waiting for the sun to go down, I go, ‘Wanna make out?’ She goes, ‘No.’”

Ronnie and Stephanie’s weekend, meanwhile, was brimming with physical intimacy. “Friday night we hung out, had a few drinks. We got in bed. We were laying there watching TV and we had a little action,” he said. “Then Saturday night we cooked dinner together.”

“In the nude?” Robin asked.

“No, no, no. Those days are over,” Ronnie said, though he conceded the clothes did come off not too long after their meal. “We were watching TV. I was giving her a back massage. She was laying there naked … I wind up rubbing her ass. That went on for probably like an hour … it got her all turned on,” he said, adding, “We had a great night. It was fun.”

On Sunday—Valentine’s Day proper—Ronnie dialed back the action and turned up the romance to 11. “We got up in the morning and I had her gifts laid out on the kitchen table,” he told Howard, revealing he surprised Stephanie with a box of Godiva chocolates, a platinum rose from Steven Singer, and a stuffed dog to remind her of a cherished pet. He also got his fiancée two cards—a funny one with a “forking” pun and a heartfelt card containing a handwritten note.

“Did you write her a love poem?” Howard asked the renowned wordsmith. “What did you write?”

“I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but basically it was, uh, you know, how much I love her and how much I like spending my life with her and that kind of stuff,” Ronnie said.

Robin was stunned. “Look at you, you softy!” she exclaimed.