Robin Quivers Describes Harrowing Tooth Injury

“I bit down and I felt something go crunch,” Howard’s longtime co-host recalls

February 24, 2021
Photo: Shutterstock / REDPIXEL.PL

Like many Americans during the pandemic, Robin Quivers has put off going to the dentist for quite some time – that might have contributed to the terrible tooth injury she recently endured. “Something fell out of my head last night,” Howard’s longtime co-host revealed Wednesday morning before admitting she’s long overdue for a checkup. “I’m waiting and waiting to go to the dentist and all of a sudden I bit down and I felt something go crunch. It was like a cap or something, it’s not in the front thank God.”

“Oh God, you’ve got to go to the dentist,” an alarmed Howard exclaimed after inspecting the inside of Robin’s mouth.

While she’s confident there’s no nerve damage and has already booked a dental appointment, Robin recalled a rather disturbing scene from earlier. “It did let out a lot of blood when I woke up this morning when I was brushing my teeth,” she noted.