Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Becomes the Sexy ‘Angelina’ Thanks to Hypnotist Scott Schmaren

“I like bad boys,” Howard’s longtime driver admits while in character

April 12, 2021

Master hypnotist Scott Schmaren has used his powers in the past to make staffers Sal Governale think he’s a squirrel and Ronnie Mund think he’s a hot farm girl named Jamie. On Monday, he returned to the Stern Show to once again have Howard’s longtime driver as his subject.

For his first scenario, the hypnotist combined Ronnie’s love of NASCAR racing and pegging – using the former as a trigger into making him think he was getting penetrated with a dildo. “Dude, what the fuck are you doing man?” he asked with a laugh the first of many times Howard uttered the magic word. “My ass hurts.”

The more Howard said “NASCAR” the more visibly affected the driver was, even rising from his seat. “I can’t sit,” Ronnie announced. “Something’s going up my ass man … I’m all caught up in my wires.”

Next, Scott was somehow able to transform Ronnie from a 71-year-old limo driver to a very attractive 32-year-old woman named “Angelina” who was sexually liberated but unsure of her bra size. “I don’t wear a bra—I like my nipples to show through my shirt,” Ronnie as Angelina explained.

Being so desirable, Angelina could have her pick when it came to male staffers and she was happy to run down the list of who she was and wasn’t attracted to. “He’s a big boy. He’s too big, like I’m afraid he’s going to rip me apart,” Ronnie’s Angelina said of Jon Hein before giving executive producer Gary Dell’Abate a little more hope. “I think I could get into that. I think Gary eats some good pussy.”

Admitting to an attraction to the rugged type, Angelina said she was quite taken with Mike Pearlman, despite the fact that Ronnie once accused him of tampering with his breakfast. “I’m into bad boys,” Angelina explained. “He’s smokin’ hot … he got shot, he’s a bad boy. He would be a weekend deal—clear out your calendar, son.”

Longtime staffer Will Murray was also in the running. “I would fuck Will hard because he needs it. He needs it bad,” Ronnie’s Angelina said before claiming a curiosity for alleged well-hung staffer Jason Kaplan. “He supposedly has a cock like an elephant … I would try it out, but it would be like a one-night stand and a lot of liquor.”

While Angelina worried JD Harmeyer would get too hung up on her, she labeled Benjy Bronk as “gentle,” which the staffer took as an invitation. “You’re just so fucking beautiful and I just want to fucking kiss you so fucking badly,” Benjy offered in response.

“Is Benjy hypnotized too?” Howard wondered shortly before saying goodbye to Angelina. “I’m going to throw up … you two should go get a room.”