VIDEO: Eat Babies or Slaughter Civilization? ‘Alex Jones’ Plays the Bill Gates ‘This or That’ Game

“These globalists got a plan and we ain’t in it,” the InfoWars host insists

May 6, 2021

“Alex Jones” reconnected with the Stern Show once again on Monday morning to clue Howard and his listeners in on the latest conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine and Bill Gates’ nefarious plans for global domination.

“I have warned you about these vaccines and [they’re] absolutely a miracle—a miracle death serum of chimera combinations. Let me tell you something, these globalists got a plan and we ain’t in it,” the InfoWars host began before spiraling into one of his patented, product-filled monologues about Gates’ plans for world conquest.

“Jones” was so convinced of the billionaire tech titan’s bad intentions, he invited Howard and co-host Robin Quivers to participate in a special Bill Gates-edition of the “This or That” game. “We went ahead and asked Bill Gates, ‘Would you rather eat a dozen babies or slaughter civilization?’” the InfoWars host said.

“I think he wants to slaughter civilization,” Howard guessed.

From a throne of vaccination needles, “Bill Gates” revealed Howard’s guess to be wrong. “Eat babies,” “Gates” said with a diabolic laugh, revealing the deliciously evil meal would provide him with all the energy he needed to destroy civilization.

“That was a fun game, but I feel it was rigged,” Howard laughed. “It was a trick question.”