Benjy Bronk Reveals Some of His Recent Dating Woes

“‘This is not good. You are not the man for me,’” Stern Show staffer remembers one date saying

June 8, 2021

After years of wading in the online dating pool, Benjy Bronk continues to struggle with finding that special someone. On Tuesday morning, Howard pointed to the Stern Show staffer’s profile pics—including one where a big hat and his dog Chicken largely conceal his face—as at least part of the issue. “He uses that dog like a burqa,” he joked. “I say send your worst picture, let ‘em see you at your worst.”

Benjy admitted one particular date had some rather harsh words for him after connecting in person. “I see this girl like shaking her head and looking horrified … and she’s like, ‘This is not good. You are not the man for me,’” the longtime staffer recalled. “She was that direct … she was almost in a daze of upset-ness.”

With assistance from executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, Benjy reminded Howard of the time a woman excused herself from their date due to an incident with her son. “She said he got in a car wreck the day before and she really wanted to check on him,” he confessed.

“How many horrible experiences do you have to have before you stop going on dating apps?” Howard wondered. “Maybe like meet women in another way.”

Despite his dating woes, Benjy did hit it off with at least one date, but it wasn’t meant to be. “There’s a woman I dated a couple of times and we had a nice connection … she told me she was gay,” he said, noting it took a couple of meetings before the revelation was made. “She liked the idea of me giving her like a massage and stuff, but she didn’t want to kiss me.”