JD Harmeyer and Gary Dell’Abate Reveal Hollywood Star Michael Rapaport Lets Them Pick Up the Tab

“I’ve never seen him take his wallet out,” the Stern Show’s executive producer says

September 13, 2021

Anyone who’s heard him dial into the Stern Show knows Michael Rapaport can be quick with an insult, but according to staffer JD Harmeyer and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate the Hollywood star is also slow to pick up the tab.

On Monday morning, JD revealed he and his wife shared a recent meal with the actor, comedian, and star of Amy Schumer’s new comedy series “Life & Beth.” The staffer said they dined out together while Michael was in town for a stand-up comedy gig and Rapaport took off before the bill came.

“It was sort of a Dutch thing,” JD said. “He threw in some cash.”

Howard was shocked. “I’d think a guy like Rapaport picks up the tab, no?” Howard said. “What did he say, ‘JD, you had the clams casino so I’m not paying for that?’”

“It’s fine. It wasn’t that expensive of a meal,” JD responded, adding, “I’m not doing terribly. I can pay for myself.”

“Did you do something silly like order an $800 bottle of wine?” Howard joked, referencing an infamous incident with co-host Robin Quivers.

It didn’t take long for Rapaport to call in and explain himself. “Before I left, I offered to pay the entire bill. He tried to big shot me it in front of his beautiful, charming, and lovely wife. So, what I did is I left $80 for my calamari and my Arnold Palmer,” he said.

Even so, Howard and Robin wondered if he shouldn’t have pushed harder to buy the whole meal. “You gotta say, ‘JD, your money is no good here,’” Robin said.

Rapaport disagreed and quickly steered the conversation toward other subjects, like his long-standing disgust for Howard’s executive producer. But when Gary joined the conversation to defend himself he soon shared his own story of dining out with the actor.

“Steve Brandano and I have taken Michael to lunch several times in L.A. and, you know, his fucking hands get stuck when it comes to picking up the check,” Gary said, explaining the “Atypical” actor typically expects the Stern Show staff to charge his meals to their expense account. “I’ve never seen him take his wallet out,” Gary added.

Rapaport once again had a rebuttal. “Last year during the pandemic I hosted a first-class fantasy football extravaganza,” he said before calling Gary a “lying gorilla” and “filthy ape.”

As far as Gary was concerned, however, Rapaport still rarely paid his fair share. “That wallet has moths in it,” he concluded.