Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Gets Assistance Blowing out Birthday Candles

Plus, take the “Who’s Older?” quiz

November 1, 2021

It was another trip around the sun recently for Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund, but when the now 72-year-old staffer complained how few of his Stern Show friends reached out, Howard had a bone to pick with him. “You told me last year you hate your birthday, you don’t want to do anything, so I didn’t text you,” Howard remembered thinking Monday morning. “My gift to him was not bothering the dude about being seventy-fucking-two-years-old.”

“I didn’t go around complaining … I said to one person who fuckin’ interviewed me on Friday,” Ronnie insisted.

As for Ronnie’s festivities out in Las Vegas, Howard appeared concerned at video he saw which showed his longtime driver negligent to COVID-19 best practices. “I guess Ronnie must be on an oxygen tank, he needed someone to help him,” Howard said of the footage showing Ronnie and a party goer blowing out birthday candles. “The two of them are blowing on each other like a windstorm and they’re blowing all over the cake.”

Ronnie went on to insist he wasn’t upset about not hearing from certain people on his big day. “I’m fine, you don’t have to call,” he told Howard before admitting he also didn’t get calls from co-host Robin Quivers and Fred Norris. He did receive one from executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, though.

When Howard played a “Who’s Older” game with Robin, his co-host drew a perfect score. Play along and see how well you do (below).

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  • Who’s older, Ronnie or the hula hoop?

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    • Ronnie

    • Hula Hoop

  • Who’s older, Ronnie or the polio vaccine?

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    • ronnie

    • polio vaccine

  • Who’s older, Ronnie or monopoly?

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    • ronnie

    • monopoly

  • Who’s older, Ronnie or the television remote control?

    Photo: Shutterstock / Bohbeh
    • ronnie

    • tv Remote

  • Who’s older, Ronnie or seltzer?

    Photo: Shutterstock / Julie Blattberg
    • ronnie

    • seltzer

  • Who’s older, Ronnie or Israel?

    Photo: Shutterstock / titoOnz
    • ronnie

    • israel

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