Howard Commends Marine for Thwarting Robbery Attempt

“His instincts kicked in, he just didn’t even think about it,” he says of James Kilcer

October 27, 2021

Howard has made no secret of his admiration of onscreen tough guys, like Keanu Reeves’ movie character John Wick and Vin Diesel in “Knockaround Guys,” who take justice into their own hands. On Wednesday, he took a moment to recognize James Kilcer of Arizona, a retired Marine who risked his life to stop two robbers from holding up a convenience store. “This Marine, he turns around, he sees the guy, he grabs his arm, grabs the gun out, and fucking knocks this douchebag out and the kid goes running out of the store,” Howard recalled of the security footage. “His instincts kicked in, he just didn’t even think about it … There are some people who are just built to fucking kick ass.”

Co-host Robin Quivers was quick to point out that being tough doesn’t necessarily guarantee a person will step up in the face of danger. “You could be built to kick ass and not bother to get involved in that,” she noted before adding, “He decided he was going to protect everybody.”

Stern Show caller Eugene from Kentucky, known for his masculinity, phoned in to offer his own assessment. “That fella’s got some nuts on him,” he observed. “I’d love to hear … what his training’s like.”

“Eugene’s a real man,” Howard said in a nod to the caller’s credentials. “He does like a lot of real manly shit.”