Jeff the Drunk Spreads Fake News About High Pitch Erik Getting Banned From the ‘Blue Bloods’ Set

“I checked with Donnie Wahlberg: Erik is allowed on the set,” Howard assures listeners

October 26, 2021

Jeff the Drunk recently left the Stern Show another slew of vicious complaints. In voicemails Howard played for listeners on Tuesday, the seething Wack Packer chastised the show for not being on the air for part of the summer, which he insisted negatively impacted his Cameo “business.” He also lashed out over not getting on the air in the middle of Howard’s recent Mick Jagger interview.

Despite once again threatening to quit calling into the show, the Wack Packer was on the line and ready to talk as soon as Howard brought the subject up. “Maybe what he’s doing is giving his two weeks’ notice,” Howard said.

In truth, Jeff wanted to tell the world that High Pitch Erik was banned from his favorite TV show. “I heard that High Pitch is not allowed on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’ because he’s not vaxxed,” he told Howard.

According to Howard, however, Jeff’s rumor was just that. “I checked with [‘Blue Bloods’ star] Donnie Wahlberg. Erik is allowed on the set of ‘Blue Bloods,’” he said. “Erik is not banned.”

Jeff then accused Howard of pitting him against his fellow Wack Packer, but as Howard had heard it Jeff was the one constantly complaining about Erik’s good fortune. For example, he told staffer Chris Wilding he was jealous of Erik’s Cameo income and standing among Stern Show listeners.

That’s when Jeff blew a gasket. “You fucking put him on the air all the time and talk to him like a regular person, unlike me,” he screamed.

“What if Erik is more talented than you?” Howard suggested.

“Fuck off. Fuck you, more talented,” Jeff responded.

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers thought Jeff had grown obsessed with High Pitch. Chris, meanwhile, couldn’t understand how anyone could envy Erik. “It’s like being jealous of Elephant Man,” he said.

Jeff the Drunk hung up as soon as High Pitch called in to say the “Blue Bloods” rumor was false. “Jeff doesn’t know anything,” Erik said, insisting he was fully vaccinated.

After doing a side-by-side comparison of Jeff and Erik’s Cameo offerings, Howard determined Jeff brought less energy to the table than High Pitch. He also couldn’t believe how someone he’d once invited into the studio to sing alongside recording legend Carly Simon could ever complain he wasn’t getting an opportunity to shine.

Howard then treated listeners to a clip of Jeff and Carly’s infamous duet. “That was his high point,” Howard laughed, suggesting he himself was partially to blame for encouraging Jeff to seek fame. “It’s like feeding a pigeon … the pigeons never leave if you keep putting out bread.”