Richard Christy Spilled His Urine All Over His Basement After Synchronized Peeing Stunt

“It still smells like urine down here,” the Stern Show staffer admits

October 25, 2021

While Sal Governale couldn’t produce enough urine for the recent Cocktober synchronized peeing stunt, perhaps Richard Christy had too much. As he reported to Howard Monday morning, once the segment was finished the Stern Show staffer accidentally spilled his bucket all over his family’s basement floor. “I wanted to just take it up to our bathroom and pour it in the toilet and I tripped over a little toy or something from my son down here,” Richard recalled of the unfortunate incident. “The piss went everywhere. It still smells like urine down here.”

“How could you live with him indoors?” co-host Robin Quivers wondered. “I imagine his whole house looks like a crime scene.”

Despite the mess, Richard powered through without cleaning it up—and still hasn’t. “I’m kind of the only one that uses this basement, and I don’t mind the smell,” he explained before adding, “Plus, it was during the show … I needed to work, and I didn’t want to take time to mop it up.”

“You’ve had four days between shows to mop it up,” a disgusted Howard remarked.

Richard also noted that he plans on using that very bucket to make beer—but he only cleaned it to a point. “I just washed it with a little hot water,” he said before admitting he didn’t use soap for a disinfectant. “Soap could ruin the taste of the beer.”

The staffer also addressed Sal’s inability to perform during the event, revealing it has left his partner deeply troubled. “It like ruined his day and even the next day he was still upset,” Richard remarked. “He’s like really mad at himself over this … I tried to comfort him.”