Howard & Beth Gifted Jimmy Kimmel With Ronnie Mund-Approved Sex Toys

“He told me to add lube to complete the gift,” Beth says of Stern Show staffer’s suggestions

November 15, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

What do you get for the late-night talk show host who has everything? If you’re Howard and Beth Stern and it’s Jimmy Kimmel, the answer is simple—sex toys approved by Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund.

“This gift was so good that Jimmy said it’s the funniest gift he’s ever gotten in his life,” Howard beamed Monday morning about the basket filled not only with toys, but with a copy of the text exchanges between Beth and Ronnie, of whom Jimmy is a big fan of. “He goes, ‘This is the greatest gift ever’ and I’m kind of proud of it.”

Ronnie, who has given Jimmy plenty of sex tips over the years, wasted no time in offering his ideas. “’Cock ring set—it comes with different sized rings,’” Ronnie suggested before adding, “‘Motorized cock ring that also stimulates the girl’s clitoris, the ‘Earth Quaker’ for ass play, [a] little mini vibrator that he and Molly can use together … and of course, get a cool dildo.’”

“He at one point had to go into his boxes of all the stuff after his move and find one of the items so we could find the manufacturer and he did,” Beth said of the lengths Ronnie went to assist her. “He told me to add lube to complete the gift, so I added a bunch of bottles.”

While the thoughtful gift has led to Beth being bombarded with emails for sex shop sales, Howard was certain the items would be put to good use. “I bet you they’re using them,” Howard said with a laugh.

“If he has a different look on his face tonight, you’ll know,” co-host Robin Quivers joked.