Howard Reveals the Best Holiday Gifts His Staff Gave Him

From a pen to a personalized Cameo message, the King of All Media received a bit of everything over the break

January 3, 2022

Howard received several holiday and birthday gifts from his colleagues over the break. As in previous years, some delighted him, others made him laugh, and at least one left him annoyed. On Monday morning’s Stern Show, he said the best gift he’d received was a “beautiful” ink pen from co-host Robin Quivers while one that left him scratching his head was a Broadway musical box set from longtime executive producer Gary Dell’Abate. The most hilarious gift he received, however, came from staffer Chris Wilding – a Cameo video recorded by celebrity surgeon and weight-loss expert Dr. Now.

“It was funny,” Howard said before playing the clip on the air. “The guy is so great.”

In addition to praising Howard for his dedication to portion control, the good doctor also gave a warm greeting to Howard’s cats, Grogu and Yoda. This led Howard and Robin to wonder how much a personalized video from the star of “My 600-Lb. Life” might cost.

“He’s a medical doctor. The guy must make a decent living. So, if you’re going to take time out of your day to make Cameos, I would think you’d have to pay him at least 75 or 100 bucks. Or maybe $125,” Howard said.

Robin guessed lower. “I’m going to say $85,” she said.

In actuality, Chris said he paid $200 for the short video.

“Wow, he’s making good money,” Howard responded.

Longtime caller Mariann from Brooklyn phoned in a bit later, reminding Howard she’d gifted him the same present just one year earlier as part of her plea to get him to stay on the air. After playing that year’s Cameo clip, Howard surmised Dr. Now didn’t waste much time rehearsing his script before pressing record.

“He is one-take Dr. Now,” Howard laughed before thanking Robin, Gary, and his staff for their thoughtful gifts.