Is Will the Farter Done With Farting?

“I actually always wanted to be in comedy,” the flatulating maestro says of possible career change

January 26, 2022

Say it ain’t so. For two decades, Will the Farter has made a living and countless Stern Show appearances with his incredible ability to break wind on command. But, as he recently told staffer Wolfie, the longtime guest might throw it all away to chase his dream of being a comedian. “I’m totally drifting away from that stuff … I actually always wanted to be in comedy but it’s hard to do,” he said of abandoning his farting persona in audio played Wednesday. “I really do think … I am capable of it.”

Howard didn’t respond well to the news. “A once in a lifetime talent,” he said of the farter. “You’ve already hit the lottery in terms of show business.”

“This is easy money that’s coming in on a regular basis,” co-host Robin Quivers added of Will, who charges $50 on Cameo. “There’s nothing coming in from comedy.”

Will wound up performing his best five minutes of stand-up for Wolfie, and both Howard and Robin were honest in their critiques. “I think he’s trying to read his own writing—first he needs to learn to write,” Robin noted with a laugh.

“I told him to fart after every joke like a rimshot,” Howard teased.