AUDIO: High Pitch Erik Practices for His Rendezvous With Debbie

“Oh my God Debbie, I have my baby wipes,” Wack Packer says in the heat of the moment

January 25, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Few believe that High Pitch Erik will be able to deliver sexually in his upcoming and long anticipated get together with Debbie the Cum Lady. To prove otherwise, the Wack Packer recently recorded himself masturbating to a video Debbie sent him as a motivational device.

“Oh my God, Debbie … I’m about to cum,” Erik could be heard between groans saying in a clip Howard played Tuesday morning. “Oh my God, those tit videos where you wanted me to cum on your tits, oh my God. Oh Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, my cock is hard.”

His voice deep and his moans more constant, Erik was ready to finish. “Debbie, I have my baby wipes,” he noted before continuing. “Oh my God, my tits are in your breasts … my cock is hard on your breasts. Oh my God Debbie … I’m cumming.”

“What?” co-host Robin Quivers questioned after hearing some of High Pitch’s pillow talk “My tits are in your breasts?”

“That’s my boy, I’m so proud,” Howard joked.

Listen to more of Erik’s party of one (below).