AUDIO: ‘Flirty Gary’ Becomes ‘Fisty Gary’ in Possibly the Most Graphic Phony Phone Call in Stern Show History

“How big are your hands?” fisting enthusiast wonders of his suitor

September 20, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

From Bigfoot’s ex-girlfriend to Grindr, Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s alter ego “Flirty Gary” has gone down many different avenues for hooking up but there was at least one he had yet to try — the fisting community.

On Tuesday that all changed after Howard played a phony phone call between “Fisty Gary” and HungerrFF, a fisting enthusiast whom staffer Wolfie met at a Fist Fest back in 2019. “I heard you dig fisting,” Gary remarked almost immediately. “That’s great because I pretty much dig out colons.”

“Now you’re speaking my language,” Hungerr admitted. “How big are your hands?”

Gary pressed on and Hungerr appeared to be wooed. “That’s hot, go ahead and rearrange my organs,” he suggested at one point. “I’m sitting here kind of jerking off a little while you’re telling me this stuff … You hear that? … My asshole is so wet for you.”

Between the dirty talk and Hungerr accidentally hanging up the phone with his prolapsed anus, even co-host Robin Quivers, a former nurse, had enough. “I feel sorry for humanity,” she joked before adding, “I feel sorry for me.”

Listen to “Fisty Gary” work his magic (below).