Ronnie the Limo Driver Got Different Glasses but Mike Pearlman Doesn’t Like the New Look

“You gotta get something that likes matches your personality,” alleged bagel caper mastermind tells former limo driver

November 30, 2022

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund has complimented the looks of Stern Show staffer Mike Pearlman in the past, but evidently the feeling isn’t completely mutual. On Wednesday, Pearlman, who was once accused by Ronnie of tampering with his bagel, was taken aback after seeing his new pair of eyeglasses. “Ronnie, what are you doing with those glasses, man? Those are wild,” he told Howard’s former head of security. “He needs help … I mean, there’s always some kind of issue with like the shirts and the glasses.”

“They’re very Hollywood,” Howard noted of the change. “It’s a whole new Ronnie look.”

“I tried on a bunch of shit — I liked them, okay?” a frustrated Ronnie responded. “Go fuck yourselves, all of you.”

Mike wasn’t done. The staffer then called out Ronnie’s facial hair. “You don’t need that big fucking thing on your face, man,” he said of his co-worker’s mustache before addressing his wardrobe. “I’ve got some clothing recommendations … Maybe a nice polo shirt, a pair of like khaki shorts, nice pair of white sneakers.”

When staffer Jon Blitt tried to suggest growing his mustache down to his chin, Ronnie had enough. “You’re a moron,” he said plainly before exiting the conversation.