Mariann From Brooklyn and Howard Are a Couple in Wack Packer’s Latest Holiday Card

“You really do love me, no question about it,” a flattered Howard tells Mariann after receiving card

December 5, 2022

Howard already received his first Christmas card for the season and, fittingly, the holiday cheer came from Wack Packer Mariann from Brooklyn. “She like photoshopped a picture of her like … we’re lovers,” Howard explained on Monday before showing Robin the actual card. “Here’s a lovely picture of Mariann with her head on my shoulder … and then we’re dancing.”

“You really do love me, no question about it … We look good together,” Howard continued with Mariann on the phone.

As for Mariann, the Wack Packer explained that she has a lengthy list of people she sends cards to each year. “I sent out 500 cards so far because it’s my pleasure. Some people [otherwise] don’t get a card and it makes their day, especially if it’s about you,” she explained, revealing she also sent correspondence out to Howard’s agent, Don Buchwald, SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz, and Gary Dell’Abate, to name a few. “I have a thousand fans on my list and I’m still working on it.”

This year’s theme being “The Bachelorette,” the card features Howard, John Stamos, Paul McCartney, and more all vying for the Wack Packer’s love. “They’re all competing for Mariann but, if you notice, I got the rose at the end,” Howard boasted.